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Kamala Harris jabs Trump on Russia: 'Foreign powers infecting the White House like malware' - CNN
Kamala Harris did not mention President Donald Trump by name as she officially announced her run for president on Sunday, but she she issued a sharp, mocking attack on his relationship with Russia.

Howard Schultz, former Starbucks CEO, says he's considering independent run for president - 60 Minutes - CBS News
The lifelong Democrat tells 60 Minutes both parties are not doing what's necessary on behalf of the American people

'Leaving Neverland' director fires back at Michael Jackson estate - USA TODAY
"Leaving Neverland" director Dan Reed is firing back at Michael Jackson's estate, who called his new documentary "tabloid character assassination."

NASA's Mars Opportunity rover may have 'died' in dust storm, scientists fear - Fox News
Fifteen years after NASA's Opportunity rover touched down on the surface of Mars, scientists fear they may never hear from the spacecraft again.

Why Melvin Gordon Wants Patriots To Beat Rams In Super Bowl LIII - NESN
Melvin Gordon and the Los Angeles Chargers were crushed by the New England Patriots in the AFC Divisional Round at Gillette Stadium. Despite the loss, Gordon has decided to root for the Patriots in…

2019 SAG Awards: See All The Best-Dressed Celebrities On The Red Carpet - HuffPost
Stars brought the glitz and glamour at the only awards show for actors, by actors.

Jason Garrett let NFC players do whatever they wanted in the Pro Bowl - SB Nation
The Cowboys coach led the NFC squad and he was surprisingly fun.

Duke Official Steps Down After Telling Students Not To Speak Chinese - HuffPost
Megan Neely in the medical school's biostatistics master's program warned that it was "impolite" and could have "unintended consequences."

As Government Reopens, the New Congress Tries to Begin Again - The New York Times
The end of the shutdown means that the agendas of both chambers of Congress, overshadowed for weeks by the struggle to reopen government, will get a restart.

Grenade ends up at Taco Bell after Florida fisherman discovers it - CNN
A magnet fisherman discovered he had pulled up a World War II hand grenade. He threw the grenade in his trunk and drove to a Taco Bell, where he called police.

'Rent' Live Star Injured During Dress Rehearsal - Hollywood Reporter
Brennin Hunt, who plays the central role of Roger, sustained the ankle injury the day before Fox's three-hour live broadcast. His role in Sunday's performance remains unclear.

Samsung Electronics vows to use more environmentally sustainable packaging, including bioplastics and paper - Android Police
Unboxing electronics is such a pleasant activity that whole sections of YouTube are dedicated to the subject, but the environmental repercussions of all those molded plastic trays, shrink wrap, and fiddly plastic cable ties can be higher than you think. Odds …

Sundance Film Review: Zac Efron in ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ - Variety
Serial killers are the ultimate compartmentalized criminals — the fear and horror they represent isn’t just there in the gruesomeness of their violence, but in the way they pass among us, impersona…

Bellator champ-champ Ryan Bader talks potential cross-promotion fight with Daniel Cormier - MMA Mania
Bellator’s first ever champ-champ Ryan Bader talks about his history with Daniel Cormier and whether or not he’d be interested in finally throwing down against another fellow double champion.

Some doctors helping anti-vaccine parents get medical exemptions -
An increasing number of anti-vaccination parents in California are finding ways to avoid immunizations for their children, with the help of doctors who are "selling" medical exemptions.

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