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Teen with measles visited Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier - Los Angeles Times
Orange County health officials say visitors may have been exposed to measles while at Disneyland, California Adventure or an Anaheim hotel this month.

Sources -- Howard to join Lakers with stern caveat - ESPN
Dwight Howard will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers after he and his representatives reached an agreement on a buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday, league sources have told ESPN.

Japan coastguard says it detected North Korean ballistic missile launch - CNBC
Japan's coastguard said it had detected ballistic missile launches from North Korea and warned shipping to stay to stay clear of any debris. The launch comes a week after another round of missile tests.

DOJ admits Epstein was let off suicide watch after psychologist said it was no longer needed - Washington Examiner
The Justice Department admitted to Congress Friday that accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was allowed off suicide watch after the psychologist who evaluated him in prison decided the extra supervision was no longer needed.

Lara Spencer apologizes for criticizing Prince George's ballet lessons - CNN
"GMA" host Lara Spencer aplogized after mocking Prince George's love of ballet lessons.

Former Houston officer accused of lying to get warrant faces murder charges after botched raid - CNN
A former Houston police officer who authorities said lied to obtain a search warrant for a raid in which two people died and five officers were injured has been charged with murder, a prosecutor said Friday.

First vaper reported dead after mysterious lung disease - The Verge
The first person has died after being hospitalized from what appears to be an unknown lung illness linked to vaping, according to the CDC.

Ms. Marvel TV series will bring a live-action Kamala Khan to Disney+ - The Verge
A Ms. Marvel show based on the popular Kamala Khan version of the character is coming to the Disney+ streaming service. The show — which could be formally announced during Disney’s upcoming D23 presentation for the service this weekend — would be the sixth Ma…

Google Stamps Out Political Speech Among Staff With New Workplace Guidelines - Gizmodo
Google is fed up with employees expressing political opinions.

Ezekiel Elliott contract: Cowboys' VP Stephen Jones 'very optimistic' as he provides a hint on the current timetable - CBS Sports
Elliott continues to seek a new contract for the Cowboys, working out in Cabo while waiting for a deal

The Amazon is burning: What you need to know -
Where are the fires? Why is the Amazon important? Six things to know about the fires burning in the 'lungs of Earth'.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump speak ahead of G7 meeting - BBC News
The leaders will meet one-on-one on Sunday morning with a post-Brexit trade deal set to be discussed.

Trump needs to stop playing China's tariff game - Washington Examiner
Trade wars are rarely good and never easy to win, but they’re a lot costlier and harder to win when we’re going against a country like China.

Court Hints at a Range of Paths in Fight Over Trump Records - The New York Times
Two congressional committees have asked Deutsche Bank and Capital One for Trump family financial records. A judge said the fight does not have to be all or nothing.

Netflix Is Testing Human-Curated ‘Collections’ - Variety
Netflix, a company powered by the strategic use of data, relies on artificial intelligence to suggest new content that its streaming customers are likely to be interested in. Now it’s looking…

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