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Row over Nipah death toll in Kerala
: A row erupted Saturday over the Nipah death toll in Kerala as an international medical journal stated that the deadly virus had claimed 21 lives, contradicting the official figure of 17 deaths.According to the state government figures, the

Congo approves clinical trials for Ebola treatments
Congolese authorities have authorized clinical trials for four experimental Ebola treatments, which will allow researchers to collect valuable data about their effectiveness, the health ministry said on Saturday.

Updated blood pressure guidelines leave some seniors perplexed
Q: What is considered a normal blood pressure for a person in their late 70s? My doctor said it should be in the area of 120/80. But I have read that older persons' pressure may be higher -- closer to 140/90 -- and that pressure would not be dangerous. Am I t…

Study finds link between cold weather and alcohol consumption
A new study finds a link between cold weather and alcohol consumption.

Air pollution exposure linked to breast cancer: Study
Women working near busy roads are at high risk of developing breast cancer, due to traffic-related air pollution, researchers have warned.

Brendan 'Jonesy' Jones takes part in Movember to honour dad
Brendan “Jonesy” Jones finds it hard to fly — not because he’s afraid of planes but because it is a painful reminder of his late father, a Qantas pilot.

When you die you actually KNOW you're dead because your brain still works for a while
Studies suggest our consciousness goes on after we die, which means we could hear ourselves being pronounced dead

Here's how music helps people with dementia
According to a new study, music may even help in improving the mood of people with dementia.

Try hypnotherapy to get relief from IBS
Hypnotherapy could help relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), finds a study.The findings have been published in The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology journal.Hypnotherapy might help relieve irritable bowel syndrome complaints for

High Carb, Low-Protein Diet May Lead To Better Mental Health, Says Study
The team of researchers for this study reported that there are substantial improvements to overall health and brain health in mice that were fed low-protein and high-carbohydrate diets

Diabetes care at an ideal price
A diabetes management firm is offering free “virtual” care to the first 1,000 Georgians with Type 2 diabetes to sign up for the program.

Life Expectancy Gap Between Rich And Poor In UK Increasing: Study
The life expectancy between the poorest and the most affluent people in the UK has increased in recent years. The 'worrying' trend shows the poorest members of society dying nearly 10 years earlier.

'The first time I had sex I contracted HIV'
Nathaniel Hall explains how he coped with learning he was HIV positive while he was still a child.

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