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Chief justice's rebuke at impeachment trial highlights rising tensions - CNN
The Senate is still reeling from a combative exchange between the House impeachment managers and the President's defense team that triggered a rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts and highlighted rising tensions at the impeachment trial.

Chinese city quarantines 11 million as virus spreads - CBS Evening News
The Chinese city of Wuhan is going under quarantine to contain the new and deadly coronavirus. As Ramy Inocencio reports, health officials are considering de...

Ancient African skeletons hint at a “ghost lineage” of humans - Ars Technica
Our African roots have many branches and interactions.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fondly Remembers Luke Perry at the SAG Awards - Variety
While at the SAG Awards, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star Leonardo DiCaprio remembered working with the late actor Luke Perry on the film and being "star...

At Guantánamo 9/11 Pretrial, CIA Torture Program Architect Details Waterboarding - NPR
One of the psychologists who designed the CIA's torture program appeared again at war court in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, on Wednesday. He testified about an inmate who was waterboarded more than 80 times.

The evidence that Mets' fallback Luis Rojas could pay off big-time - New York Post
He was born into the life, thanks to his father, but he was also an unknown. So when the big New York job first opened, he was mentioned but never hired. The job went to a big, famous name and he w…

Trump downplays soldiers' injuries from Iranian attack as 'headaches' - CNN
President Donald Trump said he does not consider potential brain injuries to be as serious as physical combat wounds, downplaying the severity of US service ...

Eli Manning announces his retirement New York Giants -
Two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning will announce his retirement on Friday

A 'The Witcher' anime film is coming to Netflix - Engadget
The studio behind 'The Legend of Korra' is working on the 'Witcher' project.

How to Pre-order the Motorola Razr - Lifehacker
We’ve been hearing about the resurrected Motorola Razr phone for ages now, but we’re finally a few days out from the official start of preorders: January 26. We’ll show you where to pre-order one, but first, let’s quickly recap the phone’s specs.

Boeing chief on the Max: ‘I believe in this airplane’ - Financial Times
David Calhoun promises to resume production of grounded jet despite new delays

A church made headlines for allegedly asking older members to leave. But the reality is more complicated - CNN
Leaders of the Grove United Methodist Church in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, say things have to change in order for it to survive.

Are the Grammys Rigged? A New Complaint From the Former CEO of the Recording Academy Alleges So - The Root
“Music’s Biggest Night” has some major mess to clean up backstage.

Team develops an electrochemical method for extracting uranium, and potentially other metal ions, from solution -
Fifty years ago, scientists hit upon what they thought could be the next rocket fuel. Carboranes—molecules composed of boron, carbon and hydrogen atoms clustered together in three-dimensional shapes—were seen as the possible basis for next-generation propella…

Democratic White House contender Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton for 'Russian asset' comment - Reuters
Democratic presidential contender Tulsi Gabbard sued Hillary Clinton for defamation on Wednesday, seeking at least $50 million in damages for harming her reputation by suggesting last year that one of the party's White House contenders was a "Russian asset."

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