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Calls For Change Follow NPR/Frontline Black Lung Investigation - NPR
Federal regulations for silica dust in coal mines haven't changed in decades. But since an NPR/Frontline report into black lung, some are calling for a new response.

What we do and don't know about gut health - BBC News
The microbiome inside our bodies dictates many aspects of our health – and is as individual as we are.

Where are the Ebola diagnostics from last time? -
Analysis reveals commercial tests for Ebola are too hard to come by in the current outbreak.

How likely are you live to 90? Depends on your gender and body size - CNN
Living to the ripe old age of 90 may depend on your body size -- both height and weight -- and your level of physical activity, and seems to be different for men and women, according to a new study of over 7,000 people.

Beware, this is the one place that will destroy your diet - MarketWatch
A study looks at the link between this daily activity and dietary habits.

Allina To Implement Visitor Restrictions Citing Widespread Influenza - WCCO | CBS Minnesota
Allina Health announced Monday it will temporarily impose visitor restrictions at all of its hospitals due to widespread influenza.

Clark County measles outbreak grows, vaccination rates plummeting - KATU
Public Health officials in Clark County announced Monday the measles outbreak grew to 22 confirmed cases, with three more suspected, and they revealed three more possible exposures locations. The most recent confirmed case was an un-vaccinated child under 10 …

4 Suspected Opioid Overdoses in Alexandria in 72 Hours - NBC4 Washington
The City of Alexandria responded to four suspected opioid overdoses in 72 hours, including the deaths of two women.

New Study at the Cleveland Clinic Hillcrest Hospital Finds It's Better Not to Bathe Newborns Right Away - Newser
A new study finds it's better to wait on that sponge bath

'Super poopers' could help prevent Alzheimer's and cancer: Study - Starts at 60
Poo transplants could one day be used to treat an array of serious health conditions if researchers can figure out why their stools are so successful.

Being awake during brain surgery: 'You are hovering in between worlds' - BBC News
Jazz musician Musa Manzini was kept awake for part of his surgery to have a tumour removed.

Superbugs and anti-vaxxers make WHO's list of 10 global health threats -
From climate change to superbugs, the World Health Organization has laid out 10 big threats to our global health in 2019. And unless these threats get addressed, millions of lives will be in jeopardy.

Insomnia Isn't Just One Disorder, Says New Study - ScienceAlert
Researchers have come up with five different types of insomnia – types that might help doctors personalise specific treatments in the future, making them more effective and better tailored towards each individual with sleep problems.

You do NOT need to leave two hours between dinner and bedtime - Daily Mail
Avoiding eating a supper-time meal or snacking shortly before going to bed has been understood to be better for long term health. But Japanese researchers have now debunked the claim.

Women should do no more than an hour of exercise a day - Daily Mail
Researchers in the Netherlands tracked the activity of 8,000 people in their late 60s for 22 years. The findings were published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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