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Your guide to the end of the Mueller probe - POLITICO
Answering, as best we can, your pressing questions: When will the investigation be over? Is anyone else going to be indicted? When's the Mueller report coming out?

A mom on a popular YouTube show is accused of pepper-spraying her kids when they flubbed their lines - CNN
The "Fantastic Adventures" YouTube channel has racked up more than 250 million views for its stories featuring a family with seven children. Police on Friday arrested their mother, Machelle Hackney, 48, on two counts of molestation of a child, seven counts of…

Frank Howard suspended, will not play in first game of NCAA tournament due to 'violation' -
Syracuse University Athletics has announced that senior Frank Howard has been suspended and will not play in the NCAA Tournament "for an indefinite period of time. " In a news release Wednesday afternoon, the athletics department would only say it was due to …

Brexit news: the Brexit extension drama, explained as much as possible -
Prime Minister Theresa May asked the EU for a short Brexit extension — and is looking for a third vote on her Brexit deal.

What TJ Dillashaw's drug test failure means for UFC - ESPN
TJ Dillashaw relinquished his UFC bantamweight belt Wednesday after USADA reported an "adverse analytical finding" in his drug test results. What does this mean for the fighter and the promotion?

Mind-boggling experiment suggests multiple realities can exist at the SAME TIME - Daily Mail
In a new paper, researchers from the University of Innsbrück in Austria say they've proved that two realities can exist at once, at least when it comes to the quantum world.

Disney, Fox Employees Grapple With Day One Transition on Two Hollywood Lots - Variety
What kind of a boss will Disney be? That’s a question facing employees at 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, National Geographic Partners, FX Networks, and other assorted parts of Rupert Murd…

Study: Some ADHD medicines may increase psychosis more than others - STAT
Young adults treated for ADHD may be at a higher risk of having a psychotic event if they are given medicines such as Adderall and Vyvanse, a study found.

Starbucks to test recyclable, compostable cups - CNN
After years of looking for greener alternatives to its paper cup — which is lined with plastic — Starbucks is testing out something new.

Harvard profits from early photos of slaves, lawsuit says - Fox News
Harvard University has "shamelessly" turned a profit from photos of two 19th-century slaves while ignoring requests to turn the photos over to the slaves' descendants, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

UN rights chief: US sanctions could deepen Venezuelan crisis - Fox News
The United Nation's high commissioner for human rights says recent U.S. sanctions that are aimed to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threaten to deep the nation's crisis.

Trump finally got his wish from the Fed, but not for the reasons he wanted - CNBC
The Fed took a pause on interest rate hikes, which would seem to satisfy President Donald Trump if not for the reasons that are driving the move.

Jessica Simpson welcomes third child with Eric Johnson - Page Six
Baby Birdie joins sister Maxwell Drew, 6, and brother Ace Knute, 5.

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