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Hong Kong protests: The Taiwanese sending 2,000 gas masks - BBC News
Fears that Taiwan will also one day face Chinese control has rallied people to support the Hong Kong protests.

U.S. Navy confirms Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 was right about UFOs - Salon
A Navy spokesperson confirms that the objects depicted in videos DeLonge helped release were UFOs

US Quandary On Response To Airstrikes Against Saudi Oil Facilities - NPR
Military and intelligence officials say it looks like Iran launched the airstrikes but the U.S. has been slow to respond.

Io's Largest Volcano, Loki, Erupts Every 500 Days. Any Day Now, It'll Erupt Again. - Universe Today
The Loki volcano on Jupiter's moon Io erupts pretty regularly. If scientists are correct, it'll erupt again any day now.

Apple Comms Head Steve Dowling Leaving The Tech Giant - The Holmes Report
Dowling was named Apple's communications lead five years ago after spending a decade leading the company's corporate PR team.

Teen fatally stabbed as dozens watched, some rolling video rather than helping, police say - NBC News
Teenager fatally stabbed and dozens looked on — and some rolled video rather than help

New Mexico Would Give Students Free College Tuition Under Proposal - NPR
Calling the plan "the moonshot for higher education," Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said the plan could help 55,000 students attend college each year at a cost of up to $35 million.

Why is the NY Fed pumping billions into the money market? - Yahoo News
For the first time in more than a decade, the US central bank this week stepped into financial markets to keep interest rates on short-term lending from popp...

Democratic Candidates Fail to Impress Union Workers - The Intercept
The mood among the workers at the Philadelphia AFL-CIO’s presidential summit was one of general lackluster toward the Democratic candidates.

Trump Defends Plan to Kill California’s Auto-Emissions Authority - The New York Times
The administration's plan has been assailed by California officials and environmental advocates as an attack on states’ rights and on a major policy to fight climate change.

What we learned Wednesday at 49ers: Skule not tapping dad’s FBI resources - The Mercury News
No, Justin Skule is not tapping into his dad’s FBI connections to prepare as the 49ers starting left tackle in Sunday’s home opener.

Will combo pill catch on in U.S. to prevent heart attacks? -
A cheap, daily "polypill" that combines four drugs has been tested for the first time in the U.S. to see if it works as well among low-income Americans.

9th human case of EEE confirmed in Massachusetts - WCVB Boston
The latest case is a man in his 70s from Essex County, health officials say.

Pompeo inadvertently admitted the Iran crisis is a 'direct result' of Trump's actions - Business Insider
"There is a direct line you can draw from Trump's violation of the Iran deal and the risk of conflict today," one former US official told Insider.

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