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Sexual orientation linked to opioid misuse- details inside
Among the study's key findings were that women who identified as bisexual were twice as likely to misuse opioids when compared with individuals with other sexual orientations.

Is there a 'suicide gene'? Scientists find hundreds of genetic links in family members who have killed themselves
Researchers at the University of Utah found 207 genes that they believe may be linked to someone's risk of suicide, as well as four DNA changes they identified as particularly strong links.

One-third of US parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids this season
Some of the reasons parents give for not vaccinating their children include being too busy and not getting strong recommendations from their medical providers.

What is infant botulism? New cases linked to honey pacifiers from Mexico
The Food and Drug administration is warning parents that it is unsafe to give infants honey after four babies using pacifiers with honey in them were admitted to hospitals in Texas and diagnosed with botulism. Here's what to know about infant botulism.

Fall and winter mean return of seasonal affective disorder
The weather might still be relatively nice, but “that time of year” is almost here.

Congo-Kinshasa: Now Ebola Fighters Face Attacks While Battling Deadly Disease
Security concerns remain a major obstacle in ending the Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo, that has so far claimed more than 200 lives. On November 16, more than a dozen WHO staff had to be evacuated to Goma for psychological care after their residence was hit b…

What You Need To Know About Flu And Pregnancy
A flu shot's important for people in general, but it's more important for people with weakened immune systems. That includes women who are pregnant.

Faltering malaria fight should refocus on high-risk countries, says WHO
Global health authorities need to counter a worrying lull in the fight against malaria by focusing their efforts on the near-dozen mostly African countries where it claims most lives, the World Health Organization said.

A Man's Runny Nose Turned Out to Be His Brain Leaking Cerebral Fluid
Doctors took a flap of tissue from another part of the grandfather's body to plug the leak.

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