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New inflammation inhibitor discovered
A multidisciplinary team of researchers led from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have developed an anti-inflammatory drug molecule with a new mechanism of action. By inhibiting a certain protein, the researchers were able to reduce the signals that trigger an…

A low-gluten, high-fiber diet may be healthier than gluten-free
When healthy people eat a low-gluten and fibre-rich diet compared with a high-gluten diet, they experience less intestinal discomfort including less bloating. Researchers at University of Copenhagen show that this is due to changes of the composition and func…

Sucking your baby's pacifier might protect them from allergies, study says
Your baby's pacifier falls on the floor. Before giving it back to your child, do you wash it in a sink or, perhaps reluctantly, clean it with your own saliva? Don't feel too guilty if you chose the latter, because a new study suggests that a mother's spit -…

Man's runny nose turns out to be leaking brain fluid
Greg Phillpotts said he had been battling what he thought were allergies during the past five years. Some doctors also diagnosed him with pneumonia and bronchitis. Finally, one doctor recognized it for what it was, leaking brain fluid.

Transcendental Meditation as effective as prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD
Transcendental Meditation, a non-trauma-focused intervention, was noninferior to prolonged exposure therapy in reducing PTSD symptom severity and comorbid depression in veterans with PTSD, according to findings from a randomized controlled trial.These results…

Beijing issues rare public warning on swine fever crisis
Chinese authorities have announced strict new measures in an attempt to halt the country's fast-growing African swine fever crisis, which has spread to 18 provinces and led to the culling of more than 200,000 pigs.

Malaria drugs prove effective for cancer treatment, thanks to this enzyme
An enzyme called PPT1 - opens up a new pathway for potential cancer treatments.

We need to talk about middle class drinkers
THE middle classes are full of hidden drinkers who are putting themselves at risk and wealthier individuals are much more likely to drink during the…

Vulnerable elderly patients will be turned away due to shortage of flu vaccines, GPs warn
Almost 70% of GPs say their practise is short of flu vaccines.

Men: mental health issues are not a sign of weakness
Men, take note: Mental problems neither discriminate, nor are they a sign of weakness.

Is midlife drinking behind the rise in mouth cancer?
Midlife drinking is blamed for many things, from rising obesity, to increased heart disease and cancer rates.

She Couldn't Quit Smoking. Then She Tried Juul.
Millions embrace e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids. Will restricting the devices for teenagers put former adult smokers who vape at risk to start again?

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