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Drone strikes knock out half of Saudi oil capacity, 5 million barrels a day - CNN
Drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil facilities have disrupted about half of the kingdom's oil capacity, or 5% of the daily global oil supply, people with knowledge of Saudi's oil operations told CNN Business.

76 anti-ICE protesters arrested during sit-in at Microsoft store in New York - CNN
Protesters staged a sit-in at Microsoft to demand the company stop allowing ICE to use their technology.

2 people were injured when a fight between parents led to a shooting at a youth football game in Texas - CNN
A woman and a girl were injured in a shooting at a youth football game in Fort Worth, Texas, a police spokesman said.

Alabama vs. South Carolina score: Live game updates, highlights, college football scores, full coverage - CBS Sports
Live updates, highlights and analysis as No. 2 Alabama faces South Carolina in the SEC on CBS opener

The Best Announcement from the Apple Event Was on Old Hardware - Gear Patrol
The launch of Apple's Series 5 watch means a huge price slash for the Series 3. There's never been a better time to buy an Apple Watch.

UK's Johnson, likening himself to Incredible Hulk, vows Oct. 31 Brexit - Reuters
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson likened himself to the unruly comic book character The Incredible Hulk late on Saturday in a newspaper interview where he stressed his determination to take Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31.

Deluge of Pixel 4 photos confirms a few of the phone's key specs - Engadget
Expect a brighter camera and souped-up processing power.

White House considering phone app for background checks as part of gun control proposals - CNN
The White House and Capitol Hill are considering a phone app connected to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks (NICS) as one of the options in their discussions for plans to reduce gun violence, according to a Senate source and a person familiar wi…

The children of Donor H898 - The Washington Post
At least a dozen children diagnosed with autism were conceived with sperm from the same donor.

Holder cautions against potentially prosecuting Trump post presidency - CNN
Former Attorney General Eric Holder predicted President Donald Trump may be prosecuted after his presidency if he doesn't first face impeachment proceedings while in office -- but warned of the possible risks to the nation.

Texas girl contracted brain-eating amoeba while swimming - TODAY
Lily Avant, 10, was hospitalized after contracting brain-eating amoeba. She also developed a rare infection called primary amebic meningoencephalitis or PAM,

More Than 2,200 Preserved Fetuses Found at Property of Dead Doctor, Officials Say - The New York Times
There was no evidence that medical procedures were performed at the Illinois property where the remains were found, the authorities said.

Discord Nitro Games Are Going Away Next Month Because Most Users Weren't Even Playing Them - Kotaku
Discord announced it will be removing all games from Nitro, almost one year after adding a collection of games to the paid subscription service. On October 15, 2019, users will no longer have access to 100+ games that were included with the service.

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