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BREAKING: Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Sources Say - CBS Chicago
Chicago police raided the home of two "persons of interest" in the Jussie Smollett case Wednesday night, a relative of those men says.

Thursday's Duel qualifying races: Start time, lineup and more - Yahoo Sports
Chase Elliott has won his Duel the last two years. Ryan Blaney won the other Duel last year.

TVA to close Paradise coal-fired power plant in Kentucky despite Trump's plea - CBS News
The utility board's decision is a defeat for coal and its political supporters, including Sen. Mitch McConnell

Facebook is negotiating with FTC to pay multibillion-dollar fine tied to Cambridge Analytica scandal: Washington Post - CNBC
Facebook and the Federal Trade Commission are reportedly negotiating what could be a multibillion-dollar fine following the company's 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Valentine's Day candy may have made more than two dozen Atlanta kids sick - NBC News
More than two dozen students from Atlanta's Sandtown Middle School were rushed to the hospital Thursday, and officials say Valentine's Day candy may be to blame.

This is not a national emergency: Congress must update the National Emergency Act - Washington Examiner
The threat of illegal immigration mirrors that of climate change: Both must be dealt with at some point, but neither issue is immediate.

Brexit news: Theresa May loses yet another Brexit vote -
The hardline Brexiteers in her party have said they don’t like her approach, undercutting her (already weak) position with the European Union.

NASA wants to jump-start development of landers to take humans to the Moon - The Verge
After more than a year of talk about returning humans to the Moon, NASA is asking the aerospace community to come up with designs for landers that can transport astronauts to the lunar surface. NASA’s goal is to test out these vehicles on the Moon as early as…

Colton Underwood Says He Was ''Touched Inappropriately'' at Event - E! NEWS
The Bachelor star made his comments on Instagram.

Trump in 'very good health overall,' physical exam finds - Fox News
The results of President Trump's second physical exam in office were released Thursday, nearly a week after it took place.

Israel's Netanyahu denies agreeing to Holocaust distortion - Fox News
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied suggestions of going along with Holocaust historical revisionism in Poland.

Google is handing out $1 Play Store codes for use with purchases of $3 and up - Android Police
Companies will use any holiday as an excuse to run a sale, and Google is no exception. For Valentine's Day, it's offering a $1 promo code for any app and game... so long as it costs over $3. Think of this less as a free dollar, and more as

Michael Avenatti: R. Kelly seen having sex with underage girl in newly uncovered video - Fox News
Attorney Michael Avenatti said on Thursday he has a new videotape which allegedly shows embattled singer R. Kelly "engaging in multiple sexual assaults of a girl underage."

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