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Gov. Gavin Newsom pledges to scale back high-speed rail and twin tunnels projects in State of the State speech - Los Angeles Times
Gov. Gavin Newsom, in his first State of the State speech, also called for ambitious efforts to address homelessness and to care for the state’s rapidly aging population.

T-Mobile’s merger pitch to Congress is about China beating America on 5G - The Verge
The CEO of T-Mobile and Executive Chairman of Sprint are set to be heard in front of House lawmakers tomorrow about their proposed merger, but newly released testimony is already giving a glimpse into how the companies will make their case. In one word: China.

Oscar Nominees Furious Over Exclusion From Telecast: ‘Another Slap in the Face’ - Variety
The Oscars have stepped in it again. On Tuesday, Hollywood filmmakers and leading craftspeople roundly condemned a decision by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to hand out four awa…

Inside the Courtroom: El Chapo Appeared Stunned After Verdict - The New York Times
“We have reached a verdict,” the judge said. Minutes later, Joaquín Guzmán Loera was taken back to jail and his three-month trial was over.

A record 7 million Americans have stopped paying their car loans, and even economists are surprised - Business Insider
Fed economists said the rise in the number of delinquent borrowers is "surprising" considering a strong labor market and economy.

Patriots’ Tom Brady Already Has Sights Set On Winning Seventh Super Bowl - NESN
Tom Brady already has filled up one of his hands with championship rings. Now, the New England Patriots quarterback is looking to do the same to the other. Brady got hold of the Lombardi Trophy for…

N.J. weather: When will the snow, sleet and rain stop? Latest update on the winter storm and ice threat. -
The winter storm isn't over yet. Here's the latest timing on what's left of the sloppy mess.

What Steelers can get for Antonio Brown, financial fallout, timeline - ESPN
Can they expect a first-round pick for Brown? Why could it benefit them to wait until June to move him? Let's sort through the details of the pending divorce.

More teens defy parents, get vaccinated amid measles outbreak | TheHill - The Hill
A number of adult teenagers are deciding to share their choice to get vaccinated after their parents initially chose not to get them vaccinations as children.

Amazon and General Motors are in talks to invest in Tesla rival Rivian - CNBC
Amazon and General Motors are in talks to invest in Rivian Automotive LLC in a deal that would value the U.S. electric pickup truck manufacturer at between $1 billion and $2 billion, people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

NASA Says Ultima Thule Actually Looks Like A Pancake And A Walnut - NPR
They had initially thought the object four billion miles from Earth looked like a snowman. The New Horizons spacecraft flew by it on New Year's Day and new images give scientists a clearer picture.

National debt tops $22 trillion for the first time as experts warn of ripple effects - USA TODAY
Treasury Department reports that national debt hits $22.012 trillion, which experts say is a sign of the country's "unsustainable" fiscal situation.

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch has all the fitness-tracking features you want — and it’s $30 off until February 16 - Business Insider
The Fitbit Versa is $30 off on Amazon, Best Buy, and Fitbit's website. The smartwatch can track your health and show notifications from your phone.

Apple reportedly demanding a staggering 50 percent of revenue with ‘Netflix for news’ subscription - The Verge
Apple’s “Netflix for news” subscription service hasn’t launched yet, but a new report suggests the tech company is looking to take a 50 percent cut of revenue from the new service. The paid Apple News service is said to work a lot like Netflix or Hulu does fo…

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