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DeSantis loses court pick amid claims of 'racial tokenism' - POLITICO
The decision punctuates a monthslong legal fight infused with racial politics and unusual alliances.

Trump enters campaign home stretch facing a perfect storm of fundraising hurdles - NBC News
President Donald Trump enters the campaign home stretch facing a perfect storm of fundraising hurdles.

Dozens missing as firefighters battle two large Oregon fires - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Hundreds of firefighters battled two large wildfires Friday that threatened to merge near the most populated part of Oregon, including the suburbs of Portland, and the governor said dozens of people are missing in other parts of the state.

Microsoft Surface Duo teardown: an engineering marvel that’s a chore to repair - The Verge
Microsoft’s Surface Duo is an impressive engineering achievement, but attempting to fix the $1,400 device yourself is a risky move.

Daymond John Says 'KUWTK' End Signals Kardashians' Total Media Takeover - TMZ
Daymond John believes the end of 'KUWTK' just signals the beginning of a global media takeover.

Frustrated California Governor Gavin Newsom Surveys Fire Zone, Rips “Ideological BS” Around Climate Change & “Absence Of National Leadership” - Deadline
After touring the fire damage in the North Complex Fire near Oroville in Northern California, Governor Gavin Newsom was in no mood for one of his usual, careful media statements. “If you do not believe in science,” Newsom said bluntly while standing in the as…

Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain to establish 'full diplomatic relations,' Trump says - CNN
President Donald Trump said Friday that Israel and Bahrain have agreed to the "establishment of full diplomatic relations," marking the second time in a month an Arab Gulf nation has announced new ties with the Jewish state and further reshaping alliances in …

Kids caught the coronavirus at childcare centers and infected family members, CDC report says - CNBC
"Transmission was observed from two of three children with confirmed, asymptomatic COVID-19," the researchers wrote, providing more evidence that those who do not have Covid-19 symptoms can still spread the virus.

Utah coronavirus case numbers spike to 656 on Friday - Salt Lake Tribune
Coronavirus cases spiked in Utah on Friday, with 656 new infections, the Utah Department of Health reported.

Trump campaign misspells 'Nobel' Peace Prize in fundraising ad - Business Insider - Business Insider
Trump celebrated his second nomination for the award earlier this week on Twitter, reposting several congratulatory tweets from conservatives.

Why ‘Cancel Netflix’ is trending - The Verge
Cuties is a French coming-of-age story about the lost innocence of children, but backlash to a Netflix marketing mistake and out-of-context clips have turned it into new ground for conspiracy theorists and conservative commenters.

9/11 anniversary: Joe Biden meets victims' families in Shanksville - Daily Mail
Former Vice President Joe Biden visited the Flight 93 National Memorial on Friday afternoon shortly after President Trump paid tribute to the victims of the 9/11 plane crash in Pennsylvania.

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