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UCSF Patient Coughs Up Huge Blood Clot Shaped Like Lung - CBS San Francisco
Doctors were stunned after a patient at UC San Francisco coughed up a six-inch blood clot that perfectly preserved the shape of his right bronchial tree.

Mom of 6-year-old who developed flesh-eating bacteria warns parents: ‘Never take anything lightly’ - Atlanta Journal Constitution
The mom of a 6-year-old boy who developed a flesh-eating bacteria is warning other...

Hawaiian monk seals urged to ‘make better choices’ after getting eels stuck up their noses -
'We have no idea why this is suddenly happening,' scientist says

Worcester dealing with Hepatitis A outbreak - News - Worcester Telegram
WORCESTER — The Worcester Division of Public Health issued an advisory Friday warning of an outbreak of Hepatitis A, particularly among those

Woman dies from brain-eating amoebas after using neti pot - WTVD-TV
The woman had used tap water -- a no-no, medical professionals say -- to rinse her sinuses using a neti pot.

Online retailer removes 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder' pajamas following criticism for 'trivializing' OCD - Fox News was offering a Christmas-themed pajama set with the words “Obsessive Christmas Disorder” printed across the top, complete with the O, C and D highlighted in different lettering.

‘Everything is for Alexis’: She is not yet 2. Her father fears she will have Alzheimer's. - Washington Post
Andres Martin lost his father to the disease. He now has it, too.

Ancient plague helped determine genetics of the modern European, study says - CNN
A study reveals that the fearsome disease known as the plague might help explain a mystery that has puzzled scientists for years.

Man admitted to hospital coughs up blood clot in shape of lung -
Doctors are stunned after a man coughed up a blood clot so large it came out in the exact shape of his right lung.

Getting Too Much Sleep Can Harm Your Health — Here's How Much Is Too Much -
New research shows that getting too many hours of sleep can be linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Updated list of recalled blood pressure drugs, expanded in December 2018 for unexpired Mylan valsartan medications - OregonLive
Some blood pressure medications are under voluntary recall.

Flu season is here and health experts advise you get your flu shot - KIMA CBS 29
YAKIMA Wa. --Its national flu immunization awareness week and health experts are advising you to get your vaccines up to date. Mother Jessica Johnson has two kids and says she has been getting them vaccinated for several years now because she doesn’t wa…

Mom fighting leukemia gives birth to twins after finding perfect bone marrow match, thanks to video - AOL
After an exhaustive search, 36-year-old Susie Rabaca finds a bone marrow donor to treat her acute myeloid leukemia, then gives birth to a son and daughter.

Pennsylvania’s list of approved conditions for medical marijuana could grow, and here’s how - PennLive
Wolf Administration has established procedures through which patients, providers could petition to be able to obtain the treatments for new conditions.

Wisdom teeth painkillers can lead to opioid abuse for higher percentage than realized, study finds -
The study offers new evidence of how readily — and innocently — a potentially fatal addiction to opioids can take hold.

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