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Three more blood pressure drugs recalled over cancer concern: Here's what you need to know - USA TODAY
Mylan Pharmaceuticals has recalled three common blood pressure medications over concerns they could include small amounts of a cancer-causing impurity.

Mice given an experimental gene therapy don't get fat, regardless of caloric intake - Boing Boing
Mice given an experimental gene therapy don't get fat, regardless of caloric intake

Why You Shouldn't Eat More Than 6 French Fries a Serving - Inside Edition
Americans eat more French fries than any other country in the world and now a Harvard professor is saying you should not eat more than six fries at a time. P...

Chemicals found in makeup, soap, other personal care products may speed up puberty in girls, study says - Fox News
Makeup, toothpaste, and soap: What do these everyday personal care items have in common? According to a recent study, certain chemicals found in them could contribute to girls hitting puberty earlier.

Study that took aim at 'Joy of Cooking' is retracted -
A reanalysis by the study's co-author, Brian Wansink, resulted in numbers that differed — "many substantially so" — from the published versions, a medical journal said.

Doctor: Seattle woman who died of brain-eating amoeba used tap water in neti pot | KIRO-TV - KIRO Seattle
A Seattle woman died after becoming infected with a brain-eating amoeba.

NYC health officials ban unvaccinated kids from school amid measles outbreak in Orthodox Jewish community - Fox News
Health officials in New York are requiring students who attend Jewish schools in certain zip codes to get the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine amid a measles outbreak that has sickened at least 39 children in the Orthodox Jewish community since October.

Researchers say they created a 10-minute universal cancer test, but experts remain skeptical - MarketWatch
The test can reportedly identify whether someone has cancer, but won’t say where it is located or how severe it is.

Are dentists hooking patients on opioids? - MarketWatch
A new study says patients getting the painkillers for wisdom tooth extractions face increased abuse risk.

Q&A: Suicide survivor answers questions on life before and after her attempt - USA TODAY
Shelby Rowe has learned to cope with her PTSD and maintain a supportive "safety net."

Uterine cancer on the rise, especially for black women -
Nationwide, most types of cancer are decreasing, but uterine cancer is proving to be a stubborn exception, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Whooping cough case reported at Upstate elementary school - WYFF Greenville
A case of whooping cough has been identified at Crosswell Elementary School in Pickens County, according to school district officials.

Infections in kids tied to subsequent mental illness risk in new study - CNN
Childhood infections requiring hospitalizations were associated with an about 84% increased risk of being diagnosed with any mental disorder in a hospital and an about 42% increased risk of using psychotropic drugs, a new study found.

Scientists create edible honey bee vaccine to protect them from deadly diseases - Fox News
The first-ever vaccine for insects now exists, thanks to scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland hoping to save one of the most crucial pollinators in the world: the honey bee.

Having a hysterectomy may cause short-term memory loss, study suggests - Daily Mail
A new Arizona State University study is the first to suggest that the uterus is not useless after menopause. Researchers found that removing just the womb caused cognition problems in rats.

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