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CDC: Invasive tick species rapidly spreading throughout U.S. - KOMO News
A new invasive species of tick has made its way into the United States, and officials say it poses a threat as it continues to spread to new states. The Centers for Disease Control reported the Asian Longhorned tick was first reported in the U. S. back in 201…

Statin Rethink: Who Should Take The Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs? : Shots - Health News - NPR
Patients and doctors should have nuanced conversations about the benefits and risks of statins before deciding to start them. The drugs can reduce heart attack odds but also carry some side effects.

College Student In Connecticut Diagnosed With Meningitis - Fairfield Daily Voice
A college student in Connecticut has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, the university announced on Monday.Late on Sunday, Dec. 2, Central Connecticut State University announced that a student had fallen ill, and was receiving tre...

Health chief: 'May never know' source of deadly virus -
New Jersey’s health commissioner says source of adenovirus that killed 11 children at a long-term care facility may never be known.

Wisdom Tooth Surgery a Gateway to Teen Opioid Addiction, Study Finds - Gizmodo
A common rite of passage—having your wisdom teeth pulled—might be raising the risk of teens and young adults becoming addicted to opioids, a new study out Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests. Youngsters who are prescribed opioids by their dentist, often…

Polio-like illness AFM 'appears to have peaked' in US for the year - CNN
The number of cases of the polio-like illness acute flaccid myelitis "appears to have peaked" for 2018, the CDC said Monday. With 134 confirmed cases and 165 under investigation, the agency said it has seen a decline in reported cases under investigation.

Global search for rare blood to save 2-year-old's life -
Officials are searching around the globe to find some of the rarest blood in the world to help save a 2-year-old’s life.

Students would rather be reunited with their phones than eat - The Takeout
“Kids these days,” I muse, rocking in my front-porch wicker glider, puffing a corn-cob pipe and yelling at clouds. “They’re just on their dang phones all the time. In my day, we amused ourselves with hoop rolling and guessing who’d get cholera next.”

Alzheimer's added as qualifying condition for medical marijuana - KSTP
Panic disorder, psoriasis and traumatic brain injury did not make the cut with state health officials ...

Fentanyl: Dark web drug dealers are banning synthetic drug - New York Post
The dark web has long been a hotspot for illicit substances with anonymous drug dealers selling everything from marijuana to crystal meth. But there’s one substance even online drug users are getti…

Houseplant gets wheels, can move around on it own - Treehugger
Meet Elowan, a robot-plant hybrid that can move itself toward light.

Sculptor diagnosed with heavy-metal poisoning after years of grinding mussel shells - Boing Boing
Sculptor diagnosed with heavy-metal poisoning after years of grinding mussel shells

This Harvard professor says you should eat only 6 fries at once — and people are not here for it - Yahoo Lifestyle
The internet is not pleased by a Harvard professor's recommended serving of fries. Here's why nutritionists think he's right.

Garlic holds promise in treating lingering Lyme disease, Johns Hopkins research finds - Baltimore Sun
Johns Hopkins researchers have found that oils from garlic and other herbs and plants show promise in treating the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, particularly those who continue to have symptoms after antibiotic treatment of the disease, which is on the r…

Scientists find larger brain gives you better memory, logic AND reactions - Daily Mail
The question has been asked for over 200 years, with no clear link found. Researchers from the US and the Netherlands used a sample size of 13,600 Britons, 70% larger than earlier studies.

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