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U.S. House committee seeks President Trump's tax returns from IRS - AOL
U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal has asked the IRS to provide six years of President Trump's personal and business returns

Motorola announces Call Screen support for Moto G7 and Motorola One phones - Android Police
The debut of Call Screen on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL late last year was a magical moment. The deluge of robocalls shows no sign of slowing, but Call Screen gives you a way to reclaim a little sanity. The feature was exclusive to Pixels at launch, but

Damaged sensor on Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX triggered fatal crash: Sources - ABC News
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX suffered a damaged sensor upon takeoff from a bird or a foreign object, aviation sources tell ABC News.

David Robertson walks in game-winning run as Nationals hand Phillies first loss of 2019 -
A costly error in the bottom of the eighth allowed two Nationals runs.

Britney Spears Checks Into Mental Health Facility - Variety
Britney Spears has checked into a psychiatric facility after suffering from emotional distress, a source confirms to Variety. The 37 year-old singer was admitted over a week ago, as first reported …

How 'Joker' Trailer Changes the Comic Book Origin Story - Hollywood Reporter
The many histories of the Batman villain, explained.

Why is insulin so expensive? The absurd cost of a diabetes drug, explained -
Cigna, a major insurer, is capping monthly insulin costs at $25. It’s a Band-Aid on a much bigger problem.

Powerbeats Pro or new AirPods -- Which do you buy? - AppleInsider
With Wednesday's debut of the Powerbeats Pro, AppleInsider compares the brand new completely wireless earbuds with the new AirPods to help decide which is the right true wireless headphone for you.

Boeing delays its first Starliner test flight until August - Engadget
NASA and Boeing delay Starliner's first uncrewed test flight until August.

McConnell Uses 'Nuclear Option' To Change Rules To Speed Trump's Nominees - NPR
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the shorter debate time sets up a more reasonable process for considering nominees, but Democrats say it erodes the chamber's role to "advise and consent."

AAF 2019: What went wrong and what happens next following league's sudden shutdown - CBS Sports
A lot has led to the AAF's fall, so let's dive into the main issues

Android Q’s second beta embraces foldable phones, multitasking Bubbles - The Verge
Google has released the second beta for Android Q. It’s available for all Pixel phones, and among the biggest changes, it adds support for foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, and it brings its new Bubbles multitasking interface.

Third-Party Apps Exposed Over 540 Million Facebook Records - WIRED
A cybersecurity firm found that two different third-party Facebook apps left millions of records about users sitting unprotected on Amazon’s servers.

Venezuela bill: Senators introduce legislation to send $400 million in aid, strengthen sanctions - CBS News
Nicolás Maduro's government has recently escalated its efforts to fend off the leadership challenge by the U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó

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