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Federal prosecutors say woman illegally entered Trump's Mar-a-Lago club - CNN
Federal prosecutors filed charges Monday against a woman carrying Chinese passports whom they allege illegally entered President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in Florida in late March.

Robert Mueller dismissed Paul Manafort-Wikileaks collusion in plea deal, source says - Washington Times
During a cooperation agreement, special counsel Robert Mueller didn't ask Paul Manafort about allegations he had visited Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London in 2016, according to a source familiar with the case.

If you're not booing Bryce, just stay home -
Bryce Harper's initial return to Nationals Park is an event that'll happen just one time. And if you're thinking of showing up but not booing the ex-Nat, just give your ticket to someone else.

Joe Biden allegations: his behavior would be bad at work -
Workplace conduct standards are no longer just about illegal behavior, but also what makes others uncomfortable.

AAF operations suspended, future of Alliance in doubt with two weeks left in inaugural regular season - CBS Sports
Tom Dundon, the AAF's control owner, has threatened to shutter the league without a deal with the NFLPA

Google Inbox is dead. But you can use Spark and Spike apps instead - CNET
The Spark and Spike email apps want to pick up where Google's beloved Inbox left off.

Why Has Meghan Markle Started Wearing Prince Harry's Clothes? - The Cheat Sheet
Meghan Markle has looked chic and elegant during her entire pregnancy, so why has the duchess started wearing Prince Harry's clothes?

Justice Department warns against efforts to limit Netflix’s Oscars eligibility - The Verge
The US Department of Justice has sent a letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences warning that any attempts to bar or limit Netflix and other streaming services from Oscars eligibility might violate antitrust law, considering the the Academy’s…

Amazon is struggling to convince Prime members to go to Whole Foods. So it's slashing prices - CNN
Amazon has trained its Prime members to expect low prices. So naturally those shoppers have been reluctant to dish out for expensive groceries at Whole Foods.

NKY chickenpox ruling: Unvaccinated student’s request to go back to school denied - WLWT Cincinnati
Following a chickenpox outbreak at a Northern Kentucky school, a high school senior's request to go back to class has been denied.

Algeria's Bouteflika resigns amid mass protests - state media -
Longtime president says he quit to let citizens 'take Algeria to the better future they aspire to'.

New fossils may capture the aftermath of the dino-killing asteroid - Science News
North Dakota fossils may depict the aftermath of the dinosaur-killing asteroid, but controversial claims about the breadth of the find are unproven.

'Something no human has seen before': The first-ever photograph of a black hole will likely be unveiled next week - USA TODAY
They've captivated us for decades, but we've never actually photographed a black hole before – until now.

Out of magic, Wizards fire prez Ernie Grunfeld - ESPN
Ernie Grunfeld's 16 years as president of the Wizards came to an end Tuesday with his firing.

Texas chemical fire kills 1 worker, injures 2 at Houston-area chemical plant - Fox News
A tank holding a flammable chemical caught on fire at a Texas plant Tuesday, killing one worker, critically injuring two others and sending other panicked employees fleeing over a fence to safety.

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