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Roads closed into New Mexico city to mitigate 'uninhibited spread of Covid-19' - CNN
The governor of New Mexico declared a state of emergency Friday for the city of Gallup to "mitigate the uninhibited spread of Covid-19."

White House blocks Fauci from testifying next week - CNN
House Appropriations Committee spokesman Evan Hollander told CNN on Friday that the White House is blocking Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House coronavirus task force, from testifying on Capitol Hill next week.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says state is 'days, not weeks' away from changes to stay-at-home order - CNBC
California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Friday that the state is "days, not weeks" away from making significant modifications to its shelter-in-place order and could begin reopening parts of the country's largest state economy.

Anderson Cooper reunited with ex Benjamin Maisani before son's birth - Daily Mail
Anderson Cooper was seen out in New York City for the first time this week after welcoming his firstborn son Wyatt into the world.

Schools in N.Y. State Close Till End of Academic Year: Latest Updates - The New York Times
Governor Cuomo said it was impossible to reopen schools “in a way that would keep our children and students and educators safe.”

Joe Biden slams Trump in fight over Michigan protests against Whitmer - Fox News
Hours after President Trump on Friday urged Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to “give a little” and make a deal with those protesting the state’s stay-at-home lockdown orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, former Vice President Joe Biden fired back.

Canadian PM Trudeau Bans All Assault-Style Firearms - NPR
The order includes 1,500 models and variants of the weapons, and also prohitits the use, sale or import of some components.

US House investigating Carnival Cruises for its coronavirus pandemic response : Coronavirus Live Updates - NPR
Congress to investigate Carnival Cruise Line for its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of passengers died and hundreds of others were sickened while at least nine ships remained at sea.

Trump press secretary attacks China and WHO at first White House briefing - The Guardian
Kayleigh McEnany was less combative than the president, but channeled him on the coronavirus and Michael Flynn

Kim Jong-un appears in public, North Korean state media report - BBC News
North Korea's Kim Jong-un makes his first public appearance for 20 days, state media report, amid speculation about his health.

Coronavirus in Illinois updates: Here’s what’s happening Friday - Chicago Tribune
Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus in the Chicago area and the rest of Illinois.

EPA denies Elon Musk's claims over Tesla Model S range test - CNET
Musk says testers left the keys in the car and the door open, which sapped some of its range; now the EPA says that's not the case.

Researchers see path to quantum computing at room temperature -
Army researchers predict quantum computer circuits that will no longer need extremely cold temperatures to function could become a reality after about a decade.

NASCAR bulletin details safety enhancements, competition tweaks - NASCAR
NASCAR issued a wide-ranging technical bulletin with updates on areas of competition impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as safety enhancements.

Gilead gets emergency FDA authorization for remdesivir to treat coronavirus, Trump says - CNBC
The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization for Gilead's remdesivir drug to treat the coronavirus, President Donald Trump announced Friday.

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