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The Staples Center is ready to honor Kobe Bryant at tonight's game - CNN
After an emotional week for the Los Angeles Lakers, the franchise is set to honor its former star, Kobe Bryant, at Friday's game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

The UK has left the EU -- and the implications for the world are huge - CNN
Brexit has happened. After 1,316 days of political turmoil, the UK now stands alone as the first nation to have ever left the European Union.

Peyton Manning reflects on Kobe Bryant's death: 'It's real hard to comprehend' - Fox News
Peyton Manning on Friday reflected on the loss of his friend Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash with his daughter and seven others earlier in the week.

FDA Approves First Drug for Peanut Allergy - The Wall Street Journal
Maker of new treatment, named Palforzia, is Aimmune Therapeutics

RED's Hydrogen One phone makes a cameo in the 'F9' trailer - Engadget
The RED Hydrogen One is still popular in movies and TV shows, even if it didn't sell well. Now it's in the new 'F9' trailer.

2020 Super Bowl uniforms: Why Chiefs' historic decision in red vs. red does makes a difference - CBS Sports
When it comes to uniform colors, studies have shown that red's status on evolutionary change has an effect, however small

Florida authorities give briefing on Mar-a-Lago security breach and arrest - CBS News
A woman was arrested after breaching two security checkpoints on the road to Mar-a-Lago, prompting the Secret Service to shoot at the vehicle, authorities sa...

U.S. declares public health emergency over coronavirus - NBC News
The U.S. declares a public health emergency over coronavirus. Any passengers flying to U.S. from Hubei province in China will be under a temporary 14-day quarantine.

Trump Administration To Curb Immigrants From 6 Nations, Including Nigeria - NPR
The U.S. has now placed 13 nations under varying travel bans. The new policy restricts immigrant visas for citizens of Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Eritrea, Myanmar, and Kyrgyzstan.

Nikki Glaser Apologizes for Body Shaming Taylor Swift in Netflix Doc - E! NEWS
Nikki Glaser's commentary is featured in Taylor Swift's new Netflix documentary Miss Americana. Click here to see her apology to the "Lover" singer.

California man tests positive for coronavirus, 7th US case - New York Post
A California man has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the seventh confirmed case in the United States. The unidentified man is a resident of Santa Clara County, the Centers for Disease …

Hong Kong to NY flight sells for $201 — with a layover in Wuhan - Business Insider - Business Insider
Wuhan, a city in central China, is at the center of a global coronavirus outbreak that has infected almost 10,000 people and killed over 200.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote 'no' on witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial - CNN
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the last true publicly undecided Republican senator, said she would oppose witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Don...

Here's what happened to the stock market on Friday - CNBC
Stocks ended January on a disappointing note after concerns around the deadly coronavirus intensified.

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