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Another high blood pressure/heart medicine recalled for possibly cancerous ingredient - Miami Herald
Solco Healthcare recalled 7 lots of high blood pressure and heart medicine Irbesartan and Irbesartan HCTZ for having more possibly cancerous NDEA than the FDA’s “acceptable daily intake.” Same reasoning behind Valsartan and Losartan recalls.

Doctors are frightened by climate change. Their industry is a big part of the problem. -
Health care creates a tenth of US greenhouse gas emissions.

New ‘planetary health diet’ can save lives and the planet, major review suggests - WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro
An international team of scientists has developed a diet it says can improve health while ensuring sustainable food production to reduce further damage to the planet. The "planetary health diet" is based on cutting red meat and sugar consumption in half and…

More Babies Are Being Born with Intestines Outside the Body. Is the Condition Linked to Mom's Opioid Use? - Live Science
A serious birth defect is on the rise in the United States, and a new report suggests it may be linked to opioid use.

Postpartum Psychosis Often Mishandled By US Hospitals, Specialists Say : Shots - Health News - NPR
Postpartum psychosis is rare, but very real, doctors say. And, unlike in some European nations, most U.S. moms who need inpatient psychiatric care can't bring along their babies, adding to the trauma.

Type 2 diabetes: Can you take supplements to lower blood sugar and control symptoms? - Express
TYPE 2 diabetes can be controlled by taking measures to lower the amount of sugar in the blood. Dietary supplements are becoming increasingly popular among people looking to lose weight or fill up on vitamins and minerals, but are there supplements you can ta…

What role does the immune system play in hypertension? - Medical News Today
Researchers have found that a type of immune cell can help regulate blood pressure. They explain the mechanism and identify drugs that may affect it.

Group highlights women's health at Womxn's March Denver - KUSA
This is the third year the march is being held and thousands are expected to attend. Among all the people - there will be one small group, hoping to spread a big message about women's health.

Explaining the truth behind flu numbers in Colorado - KRDO
The Center For Disease Control and Prevention's weekly flu report is out and this year, Colorado seems to be getting hit especially hard.

Source of food-borne illness that sickened 38 at Beaumont baby shower is under investigation - Press-Enterprise
Some of the food came from a Yucaipa restaurant, whose owner is defending his establishment as clean and safe.

Seek medical attention immediately after having dengue symptoms, health ministry urges - Jamaica Observer
KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Ministry of Health is advising people to seek medical attention imm...

'Why I wanted a tattoo on my mastectomy scar' - BBC News
Kris Hallenga was diagnosed with terminal cancer, but beat the odds. Her scar is part of her body art.

King County issues public health warning after rash of overdoses -
Seven overdoses in one area in a single night had Seattle and King County issuing a public health warning Thursday.

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